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Annoying Sister

A very perverted tale

This happened when I was at my friend Nick’s house. We were watching TV downstairs when his younger sister Shannon came down the stairs with her friend. She’s way immature for her age and can be very annoying especially when no parents are around but she’s got nice tits so I put up with her.

“Whatcha guys doing?” she asked stepping in front of the TV eating a popsicle.

“Nothing, now go away. You’re blocking the TV… Hey! Are you eating my popsicles?” Nick said seemingly very annoyed.

“Uh no I am eating MY popsicles.” she said in a very taunting tone.

“YOUR popsicles? Did you buy them?”

“Who cares who bought them. They were in the freezer so they are fair game.”

“NO THEY ARE NOT!” Nick yelled. “I was saving those for me, not for you! Give it to me right now!”

Instead of complying, her and her friend porno video started skipping around the room taunting Nick with the popsicles singing and purposely drowning out the TV.

“Cut it out Shannon! Give me the popsicles or I’m gonna get really mad at you”

“So what are you going to do?” she taunted sticking her tongue out at us and continuing to suck on the popsicle laughing and blatantly taunting us. Now Nick, angrier that ever, got up.

“Don’t test me brat! You won’t like what I do to you!” Nick threatened.

“Ha-ha! Yeah right. Your going to have to catch us first!” she said waving the popsicle around and with that she signaled to her friend and they both took off running up the stairs.

“That’s it! Get em!” Nick shouted so we took off running after them. We caught up to them about halfway down the upstairs hall. We brought them into the basement, took the popsicles away and pinned them both down on the couch.

“Let us go!” they both whined.

“No I warned you! Now you’re going to learn why you shouldn’t mess with me especially when I have a friend over” Nick fired back.

Nick had me hold both of them down by sitting on them while he went into the storeroom and came out with a roll of tape. He wrapped the tape around their wrists then around their ankles. After that he took off their own socks and shoved them in their mouths wrapping the tape around their heads about 4 times gagging them.

“There now brat. How do like things now?” He said poking his sister in the sides.

“Mmmmphfff!!! Nnnnmmmmphfff!!” They protested through their gags.

“Girls who act like little brats deserve good spankings. Wanna spank these little brats?” Nick asked me winking at me.

“Well.. they sure deserve it!” I said playing along.

Kicking and struggling we pulled them over our laps letting them wiggle and struggle whining into their gags. Groping their butts over their pants we went to town spanking their cheeks alternately for a good few minutes laughing as they wiggled and struggled helplessly.

“Hey Brian. Since no one’s home to stop us I have a better idea. You want to see my sister and her friend’s naked butts?” he laughed.

Both of them went wide-eyed at hearing that and started kicking and screaming into their gags more loudly than ever. Holding his sister in place I smiled from ear to ear but was too embarrassed to answer him. I always had a crush on his sister and she was always totally snotty back to me so I think he knew the answer.

Smirking back at me he reached under and started unbuttoning his sister’s jeans ordering her to shut up. I though he was just playing around but next thing I know he’s tugging them down past her ass as she squirmed around in protest. He kept tugging till he had them all the way to her knees. She was wearing dark pink panties that were made of a stretchy spandex-like material. Her panties had slid down partially on one side during her depantsing and were also pulled up her butt on the other side exposing quite a bit of her fine round cheek to me up close and personal. Oh what a site this was.

Telling me to hold her down he then went for her friend who he had helplessly tied and pinned down on the couch next to us. Undoing her shorts she screeched as he did the same, tugging her shorts down past her hips all the way to her shins forcing her to roll over on her stomach so we could see her butt. She had white panties with colored polka dots all over them. Her panties we surprisingly skimpy on both sides showing off a very nice butt and sexy hips. Toying with her she clinched her cheeks together resisting him so he pulled her panties down exposing her ass. Squealed into her gag he then pulled them all the way up her ass crack till both her fine butt cheeks were almost fully exposed as if she had a thong on. He wedgied her panties up her crack till she had her hips and butt flexed up in the air so we could see quite a bit of detail in between her legs.

“Wow, your friend has a nicer ass that I thought!” Nick laughed directing his comments at his sister still hogtied gagged and bent over my lap. Her friend whined annoyingly through her gag again.

Tossing our hogtied depantsed victim over the top of the leather couch he instructed me to do the same to his sister. Lying face down with asses up over the couch side by side with their butts in the air he smacked both their asses ordering them to “sit still or else.”

Then as if this wasn’t humiliating enough for them he proceeded to pull BOTH their panties down to their knees exposing their completely hot bare asses to us. They squealed and kicked in protest but we held them down making sure they could not move from their embarrassing positions. We both took the next 5 minutes or so to indulge ourselves in groping, kneading and spreading their naked butts looking up their asses and pussies telling them to shut up every time they squealed or kicked too much. We teased and toyed with her friend’s butt and pussy with our fingers tickling and touching her private areas then did the same to his hot sister.

Spreading his own sister ass apart he said “Go ahead, do what ever you want to her. Stick you finger up her ass if you want too. I don’t care. The little brat deserves every bit of it.” Slapping his sister on the ass she flinched and kicked up hitting him in the face with her foot.

“Oh still being a bitch huh? You just don’t know when to quit do you!” he said rubbing his face where she just had made contact.

Grabbing the melting popsicles off the table Nick said, “This is what you get when you mess with me! Next time you’ll think twice about stealing won’t you!” and with that he yanked his sister’s butt cheeks apart and shoved the long thin blue and white striped popsicle up her asshole all the way to the stick! Wincing and bucking like crazy his sister went nuts feeling the frozen treat go right up her ass.

“Hold still brat!” he yelled asking me to secure her as he repeated the same thing with her friend sticking the other popsicle up her ass as she let out a muffled squeal.

Laughing and nearly in tears we just sat and watched both girl’s writhe around with their pants down, butts up, with popsicles up their butts. Taping and tying them down to the couch in those positions to make sure they could not move or get away we left them on the couch wiggling around with their bare butts sticking out and blue and white melted popsicle goo dribbling out of their asses.

We left them like that for a good hour sitting only a few feet away watching TV and looking back at them everyone in a while for a good laugh. Soon the popsicles were fully melted and dribbling all the way down their thighs leaving only the popsicle stick left stuck up their butts.

Staring at their hot bare little asses and pussies for so long left us both with evil thoughts and stiffies in our pants. Nick said just to make sure they both had learned their lessons they were in store for one last and final punishment. Then he climbed behind his sister and pulled his pants down! His boner popped out and he started rubbing it all around his own sister gooey ass crack. He rubbed it all around for a minute or so then stuck it up her asshole! I couldn’t believe it! Shannon squealed feeling his dick push up into her tight ass pipe all the way till it was fully inserted. He started butt fucking his own sister and slapping her ass saying “Bet you won’t steal from me again will you? Huh?” as he pumped his cock in and out of his sisters asshole faster and faster.

“Come on dude, help me teach these brats a good lesson. I know you want too!” he beamed at me smiling in ecstasy as he banged away at his sisters ass. Unable to resist the urge I got behind Shannon’s friend, took out my hard cock and rubbed it up and down her ass crack till it was so lubed with slimy popsicle goo that I was easily able to sink it into her asshole. She looked back wide eyed feeling my dick stretch open her asshole but the gooey popsicle lube made things a lot easier. We pumped away at their asses and ever traded girls a few times before shooting our hot loads right up their butts! It was pure ecstasy and I came a gallon! We took some hot pictures of their naked little gaping asses with cum dribbling out making sure to get their faces in and told them if they ever told on us we’d e-mail the pictures out to everyone at school.

Needless to say they never said anything and never messed with Nick’s stuff again after that either.